How Can Dental Implants Hollywood, FL Service Bring Back Your Smile?

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You do not smile much, if you have missing teeth. Dental problems and severe mouth injuries can lead to missing teeth. But you do not always have to live with this embarrassing gap between your teeth. Many options exist to replace your missing tooth. Dental Implants Hollywood FL in one of them. Rather than opting for dentures or giving support by dental bridge, dental implants are a preferred choice.


Dental Implants Miami

The dental implant procedure involves three steps: implantation, augment and restoration. By giving a local anesthesia, the dentist fits a titanium implant into your jaw bone that will form the root of the artificial tooth, and visible above the gum line. This implant serves as an extension and foundation of your natural-look-alike artificial teeth. Dental implants can replace a single tooth or all of them.

To ensure that the dental implant is stable, you need to have strong jaw bone which can withstand the drilling and the implant. It should have high bone density so that the artificial tooth can be supported later. In case, your jaw bone is unable to withstand the pressure, the dental implants surgeon will do a bone augmentation procedure which involves additional bone graft to strengthen your jaw bone.

Your artificial tooth should not stand out from the rest of the natural teeth so it has to be of similar size and color. The implant will give you a better smile, ease of eating and enhanced appearance. By the artificial tooth, the Dental Implants Hollywood, FL surgeon will ensure that your self-confidence will rise with a better smile. However for successful use of your artificial tooth, it is essential that you take care of your mouth hygiene after the surgery.

The procedure will be successful if your mouth is regularly flossed, brushed and cleaned. Regular dental visits every six months are recommended for hygiene of your mouth.Talk to your dentist for any of your queries regarding dental implants. Discuss your current heath conditions and they might suggest getting the bone density tests done to ensure that there is no damage to the jawbone.

Implant treatments range from the immediate replacement of an extracted tooth to over six months when jaw surgery and bone grafting is needed. The average treatment is three to six months.The Dental implants Hollywood, FL cost varies for different dentists.However, dentists suggest that you need to take care of your new teeth so that the implant is successful. This is a fantastic potential when the implant is positioned well. As titanium is non-allergic with immense durability and strength, it is one of the most favored materials.

Implants have been successfully placed since the 1950’s. With technological advancements and more durable implant materials, dental implants are being preferred by people in Hollywood, FL. Remember, if properly cared after the surgery, Dental Implants Hollywood, FL can last a lifetime!

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