Wisdom Teeth: What Are They And What Problems Do They Pose To You?

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Wisdom teeth, generally known as ‘third molars’, are famous for causing oral problems and pain. For years, wisdom teeth have been troubling the people of ages 17 to 25 and even older. It is only the lucky 25 to 35% of people who never develop wisdom teeth.

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What Is So Special About Wisdom Teeth Hollywood FL?

There are four wisdom teeth that grow one in each corner of mouth. The reason why these teeth cause problem is that they grow late after the well grown other teeth. Due to the late arrival, they do not find enough space to fit in the jawbone. As a result, Wisdom Teeth Hollywood FL may penetrate the bone but never reach outside the gums. They may grow 90 degree or 45 degree towards the other teeth pushing the rest. This causes tremendous pain to individuals and may disturb the teeth structure. You are still a little lucky, if the teeth grow in an upward direction causing less pain compared to when it grows in the horizontal direction.

What Problems Can It Lead Too?

There are various problems involved with wisdom tooth and pain is one of them. In initial days when wisdom teeth start to grow, problems like pain in mouth and sometimes even in ear is observed. People tend to refuse eating or chewing food which leads to weakness and additional stress to body. For some people the pain and weakness causes fever and person fails to perform daily chores. A half grown wisdom teeth is prone to bacterial infection and decay. Besides it also increases the chance of decay for other surrounding teeth. The decay causes pain from minor to unbearable and in some cases; small tumors are also caused due to wisdom teeth. Even if the tooth grows upward, it is very difficult to clean that corner of the mouth. Thus, it affects the oral hygiene and that can cause further diseases.

How To Get Rid of Problems?

In order to solve the problem, wisdom teeth should be extracted. Even if you have only a cavity or decay, filling of teeth is not going to help. Today, extraction of these teeth is widely performed and modern technologies have made the surgery less painful. You can talk with your dentist about sedation dentistry.

It is not necessary to remove the Wisdom Teeth in Hollywood FL but people get them extracted to avoid problems in future. If you have a wisdom tooth which is not causing problem yet, you can try to maintain it by following healthy oral practices and cleaning your mouth regularly. Also if you still have not developed a wisdom tooth, you should visit your dentist for checkups and x-rays on intervals. It will help you to detect the problem if any and get it resolved to the earliest. Visit here Dental Implants by Tamara Rojas D.M.D., P.A.


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