Types of Dental Implants And Restorations In Miami

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There has been a drastic development in the field of dentistry, and you cannot even think of the different types of Dental Implants in Miami which you can have currently. Nowadays you can have a full crown restoration which can be placed on a single implant, 3-unitsdental bridge with a replacement tooth. It is placed in between two implanted crowns and even partially removable denture. You can have a permanent bridge that can be supported by different implants which may have attachments for the partial removable denture. Apart from these, you can also have over denture which is mandibular dentures which protect the bone underlying, anchorage and micro-mini implants as well.

Dental Implants Miami

Single And Double Stage Systems  

There are better and innovative processes implemented in modern medical science for Dental Implants in Miami. Some implants may be introduced along with gum tissues and is left to fuse or integrate with the underlying bone. This is called the two-stage system in which the implant uncovers in the second stage letting out a small connector. This connector which is also known as the healing abutment connects to the mouth just above the gum allowing the gum tissues to form around it. In single stage systems, the implant is kept exposed to surgery with a protruding part introduced to the gum tissue.

Traditional Or Standard Implants

You now get more than forty types of traditional or standard types of Dental Implants in Miami. Apart from that, you can have mini and micro-mini implants which are more like traditional dental implants but are smaller and narrower in size. It has a more screw like appearance rather than a tooth. Such mini and micro-mini implants are specially engineered and designed to be implanted easily. It can also be removed easily as they are designed to be more temporary in nature as well. Such innovative and faster approach has made dental implants a popular choice for many in the recent times.

Multiple Tooth Replacements

Now you can have both single and multiple tooth replacement, where there is fixed bridgework is attached to the implant to provide the necessary support and grip as well. The size of these bridgework is dependent on the number of implants that are required to be supported. Ideally, 4 to 8 implants are required for replacing an entire jaw or arch or teeth and ten or more crowns for fixed bridgework during Dental Implants in Miami. There can also be combinations of removable and fixed bridgework for areas to support fixed as well as removable sections.

Over Dentures and Other Implants   

Therefore, once you get hold of a good and qualified dental surgeon you can not only have tour gaps in your teeth filled, but also have a beautiful smile to show to others with your over dentures and other dental implants. Two or more implants are done to provide the required stabilization of the denture and preserve the bone, which is underlying the affected teeth. Apart from crowns and braces, you can now have anchorage implants of various sizes, temporary bridgework to be removed after full recovery and much more to have a nice set of teeth. For more information visit here: Dental Implants by Tamara Rojas D.M.D., P.A


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